Baumstahl - German for Tree/Steel.

Started in a hay barn in the Sangre De Cristo mountains, artisan/builder Erik Prada aspired to creating pieces of furniture that were timeless in their beauty and durability.  Works are made of solid hard woods, steel, concrete and stone. 

Erik Prada

Erik Prada was born and raised in Santa Fe.  He grew up in the house his father built, working on a number of building projects.  At a young age he started to gather an appreciation from his father for what hands could do.  Later he studied Fine Art at The University of New Mexico.  Inspired by necessity he started making furniture in college.  As a self-taught welder and woodworker he designs and builds with quality and substance in mind.  He still resides and works in Santa Fe where his people have lived for over 300 years. Most of the craftsman in his lineage were German, including his great grandfather George H. Yardman, who walked from the village of Tesuque to Santa Fe daily, tool box in tow.  He worked on various projects during his time, including the old Sweeny Center and the County Court house.

"Art is the closest thing we have to a Universal language, it's exhilarating just trying to speak."

                                                           -Erik Prada